Cats rule dogs drool

and yours deserves something special.

Handmade pet tags By Maria Fomich

My work is entirely handmade.

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The best part of my day is seeing my work in use, and we encourage our customers to share their photos with our hashtag #handmadepettag. Follow my Social Media to stay up to date on new designs, and to see behind the scenes in my studio. Customers who hashtag and follow might to be featured on my page and all have a chance to win future promotions and giveaways! Follow now and be a part of my furry fan-base, I look forward to seeing you there!

Turn your idea into a custom id tag!

Because my dog tags are entirely handmade, I can make just about anything! If you don't find the perfect pet tag for your dog or cat in my shop, email me and let's discuss your options!

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I'd love to hear your best pet stories! If you have a rescue story, or a cute pet video of yours or someone elses- we'd love to see it! Send us your stories for a chance to be showcased on our blog. This tag? Yes, we did make Number 1's id tag on the Star Trek spin off show Picard on CBS!

Hi I'm Maria,

and this is my best friend Petey.

These are my favorite pet tags! They are so unique, well made, and last forever. The photo shows sweet Bonny with her new diamond tag and my sweet boy has his bow tie on that he got around 7 years ago! Like I said they are quality pieces :)"

A. Byrne, New Orleans, La. Mar. 6, 2021

I'm extremely pleased with this purchase and the maker! Super pleasant experience all around, from messaging before buying, to make time, and how quickly I got it! 
We get compliments constantly on this tag and have been telling everyone where to go!"

V. Meadows, Oklahoma City, OK Feb. 11, 2021

Omg want to gift for someone in their twenties and has a pet! This is a cool gift. bought it for myself and anytime we go anywhere ppl look at my dogs dog tag and it’s an immediate conversation piece. The buyer was sweet and emailed and sent the wutang dog tag right away. Mind you I bought it around Xmas time and I didn’t think I would hear back until the new year but it shipped fast! Totally worth the money."

P. Gutierrez San Diego, CA Jan. 4, 2021